Now is the time to lose your podgy middle..

Its January and it’s time to lose your podgy middle, get lean and mean.. And I mean this in a purely figurative sense.


The government tell us the UK is making excellent progress and the economy is growing robustly, and the government doesn’t lie does it?


An improving market means that business is there to be won, and to be a winner you need the best players on your team. If your team is either not good enough or not right for your needs you can bet that you are losing business, not delivery service or missing opportunities on a daily basis.


Use the New Year as an opportunity to assess your needs. Are you carrying passengers? Have you got people that are just making up the numbers? Or simply not right for the business?


If you answered yes to any of these, then now is the time to capitalise. Why?


– Candidates (and good ones) will be moved by well structured, well delivered recruitment campaigns 


– The talent/vacancy balance is still at a point where recruiting is not too difficult, especially in January when many candidates are on the lookout for new opportunities


– The booming market and the wider economy means that now is the time that you need the best team you can have to do the best you can do… Don’t wait till we are too far up an upwards curve!


If you think there is room for growth and improvement, let us make it as pain free as possible. Call or mail and anyone of our experienced, expert consultants will be happy to help and advise… Meanwhile I’m off to do some HIIT..!


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