A little more prep can help you across the finish line..

You can never prep too hard, just ask our Rachael.

Rachael is running the race for life on June 7th (this Saturday) and it would be fair to say she probably could have prepared a little harder….

I know you’re supposed to load up on sugar to give yourself some extra energy before you run, but I think a pack of bourbon creams a day is a bit OTT.

If you are heading into a job interview you will no doubt had a look at the company website and read through the job spec, but there is so much more you could and SHOULD do.

These days there’s much competition and there’s so many people applying for the same roles, you should be doing all you can to stand out from the crowd..

Find out who you will be meeting, what is there background? How long have they been there? What is their role? Do you completely understand the role you are interviewing for? Have some intelligent questions ready. If you can, try the products/services that the company offers. Be EARLY. Be presentable. Be engaged. Be aware of your strengths and understand your weaknesses. Make similarities between your current role to the one you are applying for.

If you can do all of this and more then you will be arming yourself with all of the ammunition you need to fire yourself to success!


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