To contract or not to contract that (apparently) is the question…

It seems that we are at tipping point in the market…there are demonstrably more technical roles but also alongside a diminishing available pool of candidates a drip to the dark side (or contracting as it is sometimes known) is occurring

The why

More jobs, means greater demand which means better rates and  a higher propensity to contract

The how

Clients cant fill roles so they are forced to look at more costly, but more readily available contractors to fill roles

The what it means…

To us..

It means perm roles are harder to fill and it makes our services more relevant…especially with our skills in finding hard to get skills and people

To candidates..

It means more options, if they contract they loose the benefits of team environment, security and quite literally other benefits…but they will be paid (alot) more. The classic conundrum..!

The who cares

We do!!! As do our clients who will need to move quickly and smartly to ensure they get the talent they are looking for before others do. It also means we have to work that bit harder to fill roles….if not to find jobs – but if it were easy, it would not be FUN!!!

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