Christmas, ’tis the Season to … ?

Ho Ho Ho…. So here it is… That time of year again! Time for turkey, trimmings and tinsel.

 It may well only be December the fourth – but for three weeks (minimum) now you will have noticed the infamous Christmas inducing triggers… The John Lewis Advert; The Bear and the Hare and the Coca Cola Christmas truck. Love it or hate it, as soon as we’re surrounded by these we all know one thing for sure…

The holidays are coming!

cola truck 2


November and December are typically months where temporary recruitment requirements increase dramatically…  and permanent recruitment has a tendency to slow down.

There are a number of reasons for this.

Clients are occupied by end of year deadlines and targets. Everyone relaxes a little, and the wind down begins. And we cannot ignore the all important Christmas parties which inevitably will be leaving heads a little fuzzier than usual!

However there is one undeniable fact – Companies need to be securing plans for 2014.

There will be budgets that haven’t been spent, exciting clients and projects newly won to commence in the New Year…. which means new, talented people are needed to do the job! This can be a great time to integrate and induct new employees looking to ‘hit the ground running’ in January and there’s nothing better than joining a new company and meeting new colleagues at seasonal social events.

Christmas is a great time for us head hunters to be networking:

With Clients, it’s about getting a head start on what recruitment needs to be done at the start of next year…  It’s time to understand plans for next year and be involved right from the start!

With Candidates, most are excited for the New Year and eager to discuss the best opportunities. Christmas is a great time to take a day off for interview without arousing suspicion (…everyone needs that day for last minute Christmas shopping! ) 😉

Conversations are more relaxed as people have more time to chat. Plus gatekeepers are more relaxed too, meaning higher likelihood to get through!

As a rule, your seasonal recruitment strategy should differ from (and compliment) your approach throughout the year, rolling relationships over into2014. The festive season is a time to celebrate the fantastic year you’ve had and to start making plans to ensure a fantastic year lies ahead!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!  … And a Happy New Year!





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