How We Are Different

It is not a combined 70 year plus in the IT sector that makes us different- although this helps! It is an ethos of proactivity...

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We do not rely on adverts and wait for candidates to apply..this is too easy!  We do not utilise a cumbersome and tired database in the hope that we might ‘’have someone on our books’’.  At Brightec we go into the market, we identify the right skills for the role being hired using our expert market knowledge. We then  attract candidates by selling the role to them. Finally we guide candidates through the interview process to help you to hire your chosen candidate

The combination of good recruitment skills and an approach that contrasts other recruiters in the same market, delivers great results and a good experience to clients and candidates alike.

Brightec Recruitment

Hiring technical roles on an International Basis

Brightec was founded to offer our clients the same level of quality recruitment service that has been delivered for more than a decade by Bright Executive but focusing on Technical jobs of all levels.

Whether a Junior Developer or a CTO we deliver a service that is proactive and professional but most importantly effective. Good technical resources are hard to find and in a competitive market using the right recruiter makes all the difference.

Brightec takes a proactive approach; we seek out talent rather than waiting for it to come to us. We are prepared to sell your company and role in order that you see the best possible people, put simply we work hard for you.


We can provide candidates for all technical roles, regardless of level or location. We are most effective in roles where

  • The skills are hard to find
  • The role is either senior or key to your business
  • You need someone quickly
  • Your traditional methods have failed – we often work outside of a PSL
  • The role is sensitive or confidential in nature
  • On many occasions a long term relationship has started with a client where they have not been able to fill a role and needed something different, we know that this is testament to the quality of the work we offer and urge you to give us a shot – we like a challenge!